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The Astoria Perla AEP semi-automatic espresso/cappuccino machine is engineered with the latest features in terms of ergonomics and ease to use. Recognized worldwide for its reliability and performance with a large boiler and powerful heating element, it can supply a constant flow of dry steam for the preparation of espresso based drinks in the busiest coffee shop.
This model dispenses coffee servings from each brewing head with independent semiautomatic switches. The Perla AEP semi-automatic model features: quality proven, built-in adjustable rotary vane pump driven by a quiet, water cooled 1/5 hp. electric motor, automatic water filler, see-through water level glass, two high output multi-directional stainless steel wands with antiburning sleeves, and dual setting main switch to power the heating element after the filling of the boiler.
The Perla AEP semi-automatic is equipped with heat exchangers and thermocompensated group heads with preinfusion technology.


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